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Tips for Setting up a Home Security Camera


Tips for Setting up a Home Security Camera

With the increasing number of home safety concerns, the demand for home security cameras has shot up. These security devices act as an extra pair of eyes. They allow homeowners to remotely watch over their valuables, thereby guaranteeing them an extra layer of security.

As more purchase security cameras, one of the main questions that arise is, “how do I install home security cameras for maximum benefits?”  This article will focus on answering this question. It will provide tips that you should pay attention to when setting up home security cameras.  

Wiring Considerations

One of the most important considerations that you must make before installing home security cameras is planning for cabling. Different systems use different types of cables. For example, coaxial cables are used for the standard DVR systems. These cables are known to result in degraded image quality after about 90 meters. On the other hand, Ethernet cables used with NVR systems tend to be more flexible. The length of Ethernet cables can be extended using network switches without interference on quality. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that high-quality wires are used during installation to provide a seamless signal. It is also important to note that the type of system used affects the installation time. In essence, DVR systems’ installation takes longer since they require longer cables than NVR systems.

Test to Ensure Security Cameras are Working Properly

One of the most important points to consider before installation is whether the security cameras are functioning properly. Imagine the inconvenience that would arise if you only noticed that your home security cameras are not working correctly after a few days of installation. To avoid such a scenario, test the security cameras to ensure that they are functioning properly before installation. Importantly, ensure that the cameras allow remote viewing.

Optimize the Cameras’ Location

When installing home cameras, you must check for locations where the cameras can get clear views. Besides, there is no way you can catch an intruder if the cameras do not capture their faces. If the cameras cannot capture the bad guys, you will have wasted your money. In addition, camera location is important in preventing flaws in the security system. As a rule of thumb, security cameras should not be positioned under a shelter to protect the lenses from being obstructed by rain or dust. They should also be set up where they cannot be hit by the sun or light. This is because sun glare inhibits vision. Such light may also prevent the cameras from going into night vision mode.

Security cameras should also be placed out of intruders’ reach. At the same time, they must be positioned near power sources. Moreover, these security gadgets need power to operate. Also, they need to be stationed where the WiFi connection is strongest.

Parting Notes

We hope that you find these tips helpful, especially in your DIY home security camera installations. Also, if you are interested in purchasing high-quality home security cameras, do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit our online shop anytime, and we will gladly assist you in selecting and installing security camera systems that best suit your needs.

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