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CF19 Smartwatch

CF19 smartwatch is a stylish, high-performance smart workout buddy. Its best features are waterproofness and the numerous sports models, which increase the watch’s usability so it can be used for almost any workout.


With its large 1.3” full circle IPS display, the CF 19 smartwatch keeps important stats in your line of sight during important workouts. It also makes it easy to read messages as they come in.  In addition, the large fonts make reading easier, especially for people with poor vision.

This smartwatch comes with black or coffee leather straps that can be interchanged with steel mesh or silicone straps, depending on the workout or occasion.


The CF19 smartwatch is waterproof. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a little rainwater spilling on your watch. Also, you do not need to worry about removing your watch every time you are jumping in the shower.  

23 Sports Models

The CF19 smartwatch comes with 23 sports models. You set the smartwatch to track various workouts, including running, riding, skipping, badminton, table tennis, climbing, tennis, basketball, hiking, climbing, football, softball, rugby, hockey, American football, dancing, treadmill running, wowing, cricket, volleyball, and cycling, etc. Changing the interface to your specific sports model will ensure that you accurately track the time taken and calories burnt during a specific workout.

Software and Apps

This fitness wearable comes with heart rate monitors, blood oxygen monitors, and heart rate monitors. These monitors are crucial in tracking your overall health and giving you an early diagnosis in the case of any issues. In addition, this device has sleep monitoring software you track to track your sleep patterns and quality. Other monitors include activity monitors, including running, cycling, and walking, etc.

Battery Life

CF19 comes with a180mAh soft polymer battery for that decent battery life.  Although lasting forever is not an option, you will experience different staminas based on how you use the watch. The battery can last up to 25 days when on standby. But, when in constant use, the battery will run for a maximum of 7 days. This performance is way better compared to other smartwatches whose batteries only last a day.

Reminder Functions

This smartwatch has several smartwatch reminder functions. First, the watch has a call reminder that vibrates and displays the name and number every time you receive a call. This function also allows you to reject a call by long-pressing the “reject call” option. The device also has an SMS reminder function that alerts you once you have received a text message. This phone will also vibrate every time you receive application software messages.

Other reminder functions include a sedentary reminder, which in its default setting vibrates after an hour of the user’s inactivity, reminding them to be exercise. The smart alarm clock function that comes with this phone can also be used as an activity reminder or normal alarm. Other reminders that come with this device include charging reminders and other alerts for emails and other notifications on your phone.

This smartwatch is currently available at for a worthwhile price of Ksh. 5,999.

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