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W26+ Smartwatch Description: An Economical Waterproof Smartwatch


W26+ Smartwatch Description: An Economical Waterproof Smartwatch

If you are looking for a smartwatch that helps you meet your fitness goal while at the same time satisfying your fashion needs, the W26+ smartwatch was specifically created for you. It is an affordable smartwatch that wears its inspirations on its sleeves.

So, let’s take a look at some of the features that make this fitness wearable the ultimate superior yet affordable smartwatch.


This watch has a 1.75” full-colour IPS screen, with 80% colour saturation and 385 x 320-pixel resolution. This allows a high-quality display of information. In addition, the 2.5D effect and the rounded edges give the watch a premium look.


The W26+ comes in a hypoallergenic silicone strap, making it the perfect watch for everyone, including those with overly sensitive skin. The strap is both comfortable as it is stylish. However, if you are keen on fashion and style, the 42mm strap is interchangeable and can be replaced with other compatible bracelets and accessories to match your look.

Heart Rate Monitor and Electrocardiogram

This fitness wearable has an inbuilt heart rate monitor that provides continuous heart rate measurements. In addition, this smartwatch is equipped with an electrocardiogram that can track the heart’s health. Therefore, it helps users optimize their health.

10 Sport Models

Wearing a W26+ smartwatch is like having a personal trainer with you at all times. In addition to monitoring your health, this device helps you track and control your daily activity. In particular, the W26 smartwatch tracks distance covered, steps, and calories burnt in 10 sports modes, including walking, football, yoga, table tennis, skipping rope, running, basketball, badminton, cycling, and hiking.

Managing Calls, Messages, and Music

With this watch, you won’t need a smartphone. It will allow you to receive notifications and messages through a Bluetooth connection to your phone. Also, it will allow you to dial and pick. In addition, the W26+ smartwatch allows you to keep control of your entertainment as it acts as remote music control.

Sleep Tracking

Quality sleep is vital for both physical and mental health. The W26+ smartwatch is helping fitness enthusiasts keep track of their sleep quality by analysing their sleep patterns. It does this by monitoring the total number of hours slept, the number of hours spent in light sleep and those spent in a heavy sleep. It also tracks the total number of hours that you have been awake. And, as a bonus, this fitness wearable can be used as an alarm that wakes you up with a gentle vibration.


The W26+ smartwatch is IP68 certified as water-resistant. This makes it the perfect choice for water sports, including canoeing, swimming, and water polo. Its waterproof nature also makes it convenient as you do not have to worry about sweating or being in the rain while wearing it.

Final Thoughts

If you are on a budget but would still like a high-performance smartwatch with all the critical features, W26+ is the watch you should be taking home.

This smartwatch is currently available at at a discounted price of Kshs 4,999.

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