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Why smartwatches are becoming popular in Kenya


Why smartwatches are becoming popular in Kenya

Although smartwatches were initially doomed to fail due to their not-so-fashionable appearance, they have gained overwhelming popularity in the recent past, especially in Kenya. This is not surprising seeing that these watches have evolved to fashionably perform the roles of an analog watch and smartphone combined. To understand why these watches are so popular in Kenya, let’s take a look at some of their functions.

They are a Great Fitness Buddy

The increase in popularity of smartwatches is hugely owed to the need for people to keep fit. During the pandemic, people were confined to their homes and had more time to work out and pursue their fitness goals. Fitness tracking, being the core function of these watches, has made these devices a desirable choice during this period. So, how exactly do these devices help you track your fitness? They perform a variety of functions, including calculating steps and distance traveled in a day. They also calculate calories burned, heart rate, and pulse rate. These watches also help you track your sleeping patterns to ensure that you are getting enough sleep for optimal health. Some newer models are waterproof, which makes them a perfect choice for swimmers. 

Smartwatches are better at Managing Calls

Managing calls is one of the functions that these gadgets perform better than smartphones. Many people love smartwatches because, unlike smartphones, they can use these devices to make and receive calls hands-free. This is especially useful in situations where using your hand isn’t practical. For instance, these devices allow you receive calls when riding a bike, driving, or swimming. It sits on your forearm at all times; hence, missing a call is practically impossible. In addition, these watches do not cause distraction during calls, as is the case with smartphones. Therefore, they allow you to concentrate on important calls.


Another reason why smartwatches have become popular is their ease of pushing notifications. These gadgets have especially been helpful in reducing distractions associated with using phones. They allow you to receive notifications for important messages. As a result, users do not have to deal with distracting social media notifications. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for dates, as one does not have to keep checking their phone for their boss’s or mum’s message, which always seems rude. They are also great for people working busy schedules, where they cannot afford to waste time on their phones but would not want to miss an important message.

Style and Fashion

Being tech-savvy is currently considered stylish. And because everyone wants to be stylish, what better way to do so than have a smartwatch on their wrist. Besides, wearing these watches shows one’s openness to new technologies.


Having a smartwatch is almost like having both an analog watch and a smartphone, but with less hassle, more mobility, and ease of use. With these functionalities and the promise of even more, smartwatches are bound to be gadgets that everyone must have in the future.

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